Friday, 25 October 2019

Digital tech

In digital tech we were researching about a issue and we had to make a app or game about our issue. I can't remember exactly the name of the issue I had but I knew it was about sport refs and treating girl and boys differently. I know a bit about this issue because I play a sport at school that boys mostly play but girls play it as well. I wanted to know more about it.

I think doing a game went well for me but I wasn't able to do work on it that much because when I first started working on it I got really sick and I missed most of the time we got to work on the game I was doing. But before I got sick I think I did pretty good planning and doing the background and stuff on my game.

I would try not to get sick right before I do the most fun part and not just do the boring part but it's fine. The most fun thing I did do was probably when I first went on the app and didn't just have to plan my game.


My group started a new book Freak the Mighty, the author is Rodman Philbrick. I had to read the first 3 chapters of the book and do a summary of those few chapters, here is my summary

I think the first 3 chapters weren't really exciting because it's just the start of the book and we were just learning about the characters and the story. But in the first couple chapters it was basically reflecting on when the author or main character called Max was a child. In the second chapter he saw the cool guy Freak when he was younger with his crutches. Freak used to be so cool when he was younger because everyone wanted to see his crutches. The author saw the Freak from his old school when he was moving boxes for him but he didn't realise who it was till now. He went up to talk to him and for a little bit Freak didn't remember him for a few minutes.

I think the book is going good so far and I think I might like it.


In maths we were working out who would get the most money working over the holidays from a question we were doing. 

The first person was Ariana, on the question she got $10 her first day then $2 more every other day she worked. There are 2 weeks in the normal school holidays so the first day she got $10 dollars then all the other 13 days she got $2. So you could either skip count in 2s 13 times or just do 13x2. My group did both and we worked our the answer was 26, then we added the 10. So for 2 weeks we worked out she got $36.

The other person was Matiu and he got $1 every day but it was doubling over 2 weeks. So the second day he got $2, the the next day he got $4, then $8, $16, $32, 64, 128, 256, 462, 924, 1228, 2456, 5312. He will get $5312 all the holidays. 

We also had to say who we would rather be, I would rather be Matiu because he got more money.

Thursday, 24 October 2019


In PE the whole class was put into groups and we all had to plan a sport we wanted to teach and how we wanted to teach it. My team was called French Fries and we taught bench ball. Since I'm a pretty shy person it was pretty hard for me to get in front of the whole class. Since our team taught the class first I think we did pretty good but I was panicking at the start. I didn't have a important role but a few people in my group helped me run the warm up. After 10-20 minutes I kind of got a little more comfortable teaching but I still don't know how my teachers do it.

Maybe next time I might try not to be scared and use a louder voice and tell the class the instruction if I'm brave enough. When my team was playing bench ball at the end of the lesson, I was injured to I couldn't play but I saw how much teamwork you need to play bench ball and also how to sit out when you love to be active.

I also think since we were the first team to teach I think we did a pretty good job but we weren't the best. Next time we will probably do better because we have watched everyone teach now.

Monday, 21 October 2019


In reading this week were starting a new book called Freak the Mighty. Here are a few questions that my teacher gave my group.

1. Based on the front cover and title what do you predict the book is about? Maybe it's a freak that is mightier than other people their age.

2.  If something is described as mighty, what do you think that means? I think it means a really strong or brave person or thing.

3. Describe a time where you have been called a name or picked on. How did you feel? What made you feel better? I was just being teased about my height compared to other older people in my year. But my friends told me that it's fine and ignore it.

4. Describe the difference between a bystander and a outstander? I think a bystander is just some that might just stand there and watch I think, and a outstander is someone who is different I guess.

5. Read the back of the book, what do you predict the story's about. Maybe it's about a boy who didn't have a perfect family and had arguments a lot, maybe it will be about something else but I don't know.