Wednesday, 25 November 2020


In Wānanga we had to make a poster on Diwali and put information about it. I put a few questions and the answers on my one everyone would've done it different though.

Here is my poster I made:

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Voltage: Is the number of electrons in a circuit, it is measured with a voltmeter.

Current: Is the number of electrons passing a given point in 1 second.


  • What would be the reading on the ammeter lambasted a? 5 
  • What would be the reading on the other side? 5
  • Solve the unknown ammeters 1: A=4 , A=4 ,A=4
  • Solve the unknown ammeters 2: A=8, A=8

Child poverty

  In Wānanga we had to make a poster all about child poverty and add some facts we learnt about it online or what we already knew. I knew a little but about it but not nearly as much stuff I know now.

This is my poster:

Monday, 23 November 2020

Budgeting for an event - Business studies

In business studies we had to plan a event with people and we are also looking at budgeting. I gave my self a budget of $50 out of my pocket money for everything we are going to need, to make it a fun time.

I thought to plan to just plan a hangout for the end of the school year for 4 people and the things we might need to do this are:

  • Snacks - (for everyone) $10
  • Water bottles - (for everyone) $5 for a 12 pack
  • A way to meet up with each other - (Probably walking, scooting or biking to wherever were meeting) $0 
  • Someones house for everyone to hangout at - $0
  • Go to the pools since it's summer - $5 each (4 people)
We are planning on hanging out on the last day of school and meet up at someones house after we go home and get changed. Also we are going to the pools right after everyone is ready and we are all in a group.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Utopia vs Dystopia world

 We had to make a poster about our Dystopian world and our Utopian world.

This is mine:

Monday, 9 November 2020

Health discovery

 In health we had to do this activity which was we could choose something we want to learn about it more and make a way we can show our learning. I chose to do anxiety because I know a few people who have it and I thought it would be good to know more.

We had to think of 5 questions around what we were learning about, here's mine:

  • Why is anxiety harmful?
  • What should I do if my friend is having a anxiety attack?
  • Who can/can't have anxiety?
  • How does it affect the brain when you have anxiety attacks?
  • When should you start thinking about if you have anxiety?
  • If you think you have anxiety how do you overcome the fear of telling people?
This is some of the planning we had to do before we started:

Then we made a way to shoe our learning, I made a kahoot so I can't show it on here but it's basically somewhat like those questions but also different and some have one answer and some have multiple answers. 

This is similar to every question I've done in my kahoot.

The most challenging thing is I've been pretty sick and just catching up on everything but I think I did pretty good and still finished on time.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Heroes & Villains political poster

 In hurumanu 6 we also had to make a flyer about our person we chose to do the timeline and facts poster about. 

This is my flyer it's very simple and cool looking I think.