Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Complex sugars test

Aim: To see if different types of of foods have complex sugars

Hypothesis: I think that Glucose  won't have complex sugars, I think apple and milk will have complex sugars. Then I think bread and potato will have both in them.

Equipment: Test tube, the food were testing and iodine.

Method: Put a little bit of the food that you testing in the tube then add the iodine.

Results: The bread is a complex sugar.
The potato isn't a complex sugar.
The apple is a complex sugar but it took longer to show than the bread.
Milk is not a complex sugar

Summary: It was pretty fun to see what did and didn't have complex sugars, I was right with some things but not everything.

Simple sugars test

Aim: To see if different types of of foods have simple sugars

Hypothesis: I think that anything with glucose will have simple sugars for sure but I'm not sure about anything else

Equipment: Bunsen burner = were using hot plates, test tube, tongs for test tube, Benedict solution, sample of food

Method: Put a little bit of food over a hot surface and wait for it to change colour. It can't boil

Results: Egg is not a simple sugar
Bread is simple sugar
Potato is a simple sugar
Apple is a simple sugar
Sugar / glucose is a simple sugar
Milk was a simple sugar

Summary: Some thing that I thought had simple sugars didn't and some things did, it was pretty fun to see what did and didn't have those things

Protein test

Aim: To see if different types of of foods have protein

Hypothesis: I'm actually not sure what will happen this time

Equipment: Sodium hydroxide, test tube, copper sulfate, food sample

Results: The potato, apple, bread and sugar was negative. Egg and milk was positive in the test we did

Summary of the whole thing: I think it was interesting to see what did and didn't have complex sugars, simple sugars and protein. It was kind of different that what I thought would happen with all 3 of the test but I think I had at least one right each time.

Discussion: I don't know why anything did what it did but some of the protein tests. I think I knew apple and sugar didn't have protein because they didn't come from meat but everything else I didn't know.


Were getting ready to do high jump and were learning the ways to land in high jump. You land with your arms and feet in the air also on your back.

When you take off you probably should be on 1 foot so it's easier to jump.

When you leave the ground you need to turn with your knee I think so you don't get hurt.

That's all we've learned so far but I'm pretty sure were gonna learn more.

Health 2020

Whare tapa wha is the 4 dimensions of well being which are physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional. We've just been doing stuff around the 4 dimensions and the 1st ten minute of health we do whatever we want of the chart she gave us to work on out well being. 

When 1 of the well being is off that day it will effect every part of your well being. Like if your tired it will effect mostly your physical but you won't be able to think normally and you might not want to talk to people.

I think were about to learn about different things soon but right now we haven't yet.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

In English were about to start a film study on a movie wonder but we haven't watched the movie yet in class so were just learning about the film right now.

This is my definition of some words:

Body language: How you act with your body
Costumes: Clothes actors on stage wear
Hairstyles: How you do your hair when your getting ready to perform
Make-up: Something that actors put on there face for a role there playing
Colour: Something that makes performing more entertaining?
Lighting: Something so you can see when actors are performing
Props: Something that actors can use when they are performing
Settings: Where they shot the scene in movies
Dialogue: A explanation with pictures of what something means
Sound effects: The different sounds that are in movies that editors add in
Music: It’s normally in the background of the shot of a movie
Silence: When there's no noise at all happening in a performance or movie
Symbols: Different things that show what something means
Special FX: Also something editors add in when they edit the movie or show

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Shot put

In PE were learning about shoot put and these are 5 of the skills we learnt.

1. Don't move the shot put around in your wrist because you could injure your wrist.
2. Push the shot put and not throw it because that could also injure your wrist.
3. Bend your knees before pushing the shot put I think it helps with how far it goes. 
4. Also leaning back before you push the shot put also helps with how far it goes.
5. Point your arm in the direction you want the shot put to go.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Goals for inside out

In class we had to highlight stuff that we can do in green and stuff were working on in yellow. With the yellow we had to choose one and write 3 goals to do in a couple weeks.

This is mine:

Thursday, 5 December 2019

My favourite part of the year

My favourite thing about this school year is probably getting actually pretty good at football. Because for the last 2 years I've been playing but I haven't really been getting better that much. A couple guys in my class have been playing football with me and I don't know if they noticed till near the end of the year when I noticed, but I got way better. I started noticing I was actually pretty good in term 3, and it was kind of weird because I didn't realise that before. I think after the massive injury I had this year, I started to improve way quicker than before.