Monday, 23 March 2020

Wonder Plot Graph

In English I made a plot graph to show when and what changed during the movie.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Bullying - Health

I actually was really young I think when I started getting bullied, now looking back on it was honestly really bad but at the time I didn't think it was bad at all. Most of it was at primary school it's basically gone away now.

Also different types of bullying could be cyber bullying, physical, or making fun of some one in person. Any bullying is hurtful to anyone but if it happens a lot it could make someones confidence go down a little bit / a lot.

Workshop 3

Atmosphere / mood: How we feel watching the scene

Warm: Makes feel comfortable, safe, welcoming
Cold: Feels stile, clean funtusion, technological
Bright: Feels more lively, energised, vibrant
Dull: Feels calm, quiet, boring 
Natural: Sources are sun/moon, feels like real life
Artificial: Man made sources, feels unnatural
Palette: The colours used in that shot e.g  Nature palette will have colours found in nature like brown / greens

The scene where August cries to his mum about looking different. 
They don't even talk to me
My face is ugly
Is it always going to matter

Auggies mum goes into his room to check on him  he tells her others make fun of him and reassures him

Theme: The importance of friends and family

Shots / Angles: 
Close ups used to show Auggie emotions
Over the shoulder when mum speaks to show conversation from Auggies point of view

Lighting/colour: Warm dark colours, this is a safe and comfortable space for Auggie to cry, dull colours, sad, lonely, sympathetic, calm, quiet.
Natural light, it's night time

Effect on the viewer: sympathetic, sad, sorry, lonely, depressed, misrable, forlorn

Directors purpose: Emphasises the sadness of the moment and the important of Auggies relationship with his family.

The paragraph:

In the scene when Auggie cries to his mother about being bullied, colour and lighting is used to create an atmosphere of sympathy. We see this through the use of warm and dull colours in the shot. These make the space feel safe and comfortable for Auggie to express his emotions. This makes us understand how Auggie is feeling; miserable oppressed and depressed because he looks different from his peers. He ask his mum, " does it always matter" which is a feeling most in the audeince can relate too.This was done to show the theme, the importance of friendship and family, because Auggie learns resilience by talking issues through with his mum. Combined with this is use of close up shots to show me emotions and tears on Auggies face.This reminds the viewer of a moment later in the story where Auggie is upset because his sister Via doesn't want him to go to her play. Just like this scene, Auggie runs to his room upset and a member of his family comes to reassure him. 

Self directed learning

This is my self directed learning for this week:

1. I could try and not show that I'm bored doing my work
2. Do my work that I need to do the best I can do it
3. Try and have fun with what I am doing

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Workshop 2: The Impact of Angles, Movement and Shots

Shot: Jack and Julien are fighting because Jack has chosen to stand up to Julien after he called Auggie a freak.

Shot angles: Dutch tilt, something is wrong 
Low angle makes Jack on top more powerful than Julien, part of action

Viewers reaction: It was unexoected even though Jack hates people making fun of Auggie, Julien was probably surprised that Jack did it. Julien probably felt scared when Jack did that to him.

Why did the director so this: Close up used to make us feel part of the fight, also so we can see the characters faces, use techniques to build our concern/shock.

Other technique: Slow motion to show us the details in the fight, Music is minor, slow tempo, dynamic increases from quiet to help us focus and create atmosphere.

In the fight scene between Julien and Jack, camera angles are used effectively to draw th viewer into the scene. This is demonstrated through the use of low angles, close ups and dutch tilt shots. The low angle shot makes Jack look stronger and more aggressive, whilst it makes Julien looks weak and vulnerable below him. This makes the audience feel concerned, shocked and surprised because up till this point Jack has always agreed with Julien. The director did this to draw the view into the event and highlight Jacks struggle to choose between being right or being popular. Combined with this is the use of slow motion and music which help us to see details on the characters faces and reconcile their emotional reactions. This aspect can be compared to the use of close up shots at the start of the film when we just meet August. They are used to show us a small part of a bigger moment.

The screen we were writing about:

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Workshop 1: Unpacking the Themes and Ideas

Kindness- Verbal/physical action that is nice, caring, using manners, respect

Example 1: -When Jack sticks up for Auggie during the fight scene with Julian
- Shows kindness 

-sticking up for a friend - Not letting others talk badly about friends- Jack has previously not been kind, talked about Auggie behind his back

Important because  - helps people make friends  
- build a persons self confidence
 - makes people feel accepted/included 
- If there wasn't kindness Auggie wouldn't have made any friends, grown his self confidence to be able to take off his helmet, feel included to school

Example 2: When others help Jack and Auggie fight the 7th graders.

Importance of Family and Friendship - trust, trust of others, support systems, people you feel safe with, help build resileince

Example 1: When the Pullman's dog Daisy dies
- Shows theme by brings family together to grieve
-Show support for one another
-Auggie and Via put aside their argument to look after each other

Example 2: Fight at the nature reserve when Amos and the others come together to rescue Jack and Auggie from the 7th graders
-Show theme by standing uopfor each other
-Shows trust by the boys come to help them, they don't abandon each other
-Resileince is shown by the boys support rech other to move foward, they are all friends now

Importance of the story: Good relationships with friends helps Auggie  build trust and feel safe. He takes the helmet off 
-His friendship with summer teaches him resilience, trust and forgiveness
- His family are always there to support him when things go wrong

Choosing between right and popular -  being right means showing integrity, doing the right thing when no one is watching
-Being popular means agreeing with/acting in a way others want you to, even when you don't agree.

Example 1: When Jack chose ot stay with Auggie as his science partner instead of Julien 
-Shows theme by Jack chooses right over popular. Julien wanted to leave Auggie out and Jack chose not to.
-In the past Jack has pick friendship with Julien over Auggie

Example 2: When Summer decides to sit with Auggie instead of the popular  girls who were talking behind Auggies back

-SHows theme by Summer chooses right not to sit and talk nasty with her friends, but to go and sit with Auggie who has alone
-AUggie doesn't trust her at first because of Jack. Summer stays anyway and helps Auggie  links to importance of friendship

Importance of the story the concept is relatable and we can understand it, everyone has to experience this so it helps the viewer to engage with the story, makes kindness/relationships more obvious when we've seen the person struggle

Friday, 6 March 2020

Examples of Family - English

The biggest example of family is they are always there whenever you need, and if you guys to argue all the time they love you even when their annoyed. That is literally the definition of my siblings and cousins but I do love them even though they are the most annoying people in the world sometimes.

Auggie's sister Via I think feels the same because her brother Auggie needed a lot of support when he was younger and his parents still are scared something might happen. But she loves her brother with all her heart.

Also I think that Auggie's parents wanted to keep him home schooled for longer but since he was going to be one of the youngest in this new school and he's getting harder to home school. So out of love they sent Auggie to a school for the first time ever.